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We love to see how our photographs turn into beautiful art pieces and really like to share it on our social media and here on our website.

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If you would like to leave a review or testamonial, you can send it to us by e-mail along with (a link to) your favourite art piece inspired by one of our photographs.  

We would also like to take the opportunity to thank you for using our photographs and we are so honoured and thrilled that we can share our passion for photography and animals with you via this website. Thank you!

X Tazi, Mris & Fred


"As a amateur wildlife artist, I have used this website for making a piece of one of my favourite animals, “the elephant”, because Reference Photos & More have helped me, so I could zoom in on every tiny detail for my style of painting. The result of this site was for me a unique chance to join on an exciting artistic pfoto-safari. I woud recommend this website to all other wildlife artists."

Dirk Verheij, The Netherlands


"As a wild life artist I am so grateful to Reference Photos & More for their excellent wildlife reference photos. Their photos reveal the soul and beauty of each animal in such a unique way, I can only hope as an artist to capture it as well!"

Elipis  Fine Art


"As a professional wildlife artist, constantly searching for inspiration, the Reference Photos & More website has become the first place I look. Each and every image has incredible resolution, clarity and composition. The choice is phenomenal, I could paint them all. Not only are they outstanding photographers at the very top of their field, they are also really lovely, professional people."

Samantha Greenhill


"I have ordered numerous photos from Reference Photos & More. Their photography is outstanding - in both subject and quality. From an artist’s point of view they are perfect to work from; beautiful crisp colours and details and really large file sizes so I can zoom in on every tiny detail, which is imperative for my style of painting. Visiting their photo page is such a pleasure and being able to paint from the photos is absolutely amazing. I have used many, many photos and hope to use many more!"

Gina Hawkshaw


"I have used this website many times. The photos are amazingly high quality and are very easy to download. Infact the great majority of my reference photos for my artwork come from here. Any questions I have had are answered very promptly by Tazi and Mris. I would thoroughly recomend this website to other wildlife artists."

Rob Bromham


"Their big cat photos are so exquisite. I am just about to finish a Lioness using one of her beautiful reference photos and have another big cat photo that l can’t wait to start working on soon. Tazi has also been extremely helpful and professional to deal with when l have had any questions in regards to her photos. I would highly recommend reference photos from Reference Photos & More."

Samantha Frye


"As an artist, doing a mixed media series of endangered wildlife paintings, it was a dream come true to discover @bytazi on Instagram and finding Reference Photos & More. I had some photo references of wildlife I took at local zoo’s, but to have such a selection of beautiful quality high res photos to choose from was a game changer, and an inspiration! To date I’ve painted a White Rhino, have a cheetah in work, and many more coming. Thank you, Tazi and Mris for your dedication to wildlife and promoting the arts."

Jean Bronson Galli


"Thank you Reference Photos & More for your magnificent photos! Keep making me dream with your beautiful pictures..... I love them all and it is always hard to make a choice!!!"

Joelle Guillaume


"I love your beautiful photos and have purchased several for past and future artworks ❤❤"

Monika Barbian