We Care


We do not only love photographing and observing animals, but we also care about them. We support conservation programs and want to raise awareness for the well being and protection of all animals.  Habitat loss, human-wildlife conflicts and illegal trade are just a few of the problems they encounter. Knowing there are only an estimated number of 20.000 lions, 7.000 cheetahs, 3.890 tigers left in the wild breaks our hearts. The declining numbers of animals and the increasing numbers of endangered species in the wild are worrying.

Besides posting our photos and videos on social media, so many people can see the beauty of the animals, we are also supporting WWF The Netherlands and Stichting SPOTS.


Stichting Spots

We donate our photographs to SPOTS so they can use them for their website, social media and campaigns. We are proud we may call ourselves an offical partner.

SPOTS is a Dutch Foundation that is dedicated to Wildcats. They support projects in Africa (Cheetah Conservation Fund, N/a'm ku sê, AfriCat North and Claws) and  in the Middle East (Iranian Cheetah Society).

They are also committed to inform about the sad life of a 'canned lion' on www.lionpetting.com. Everybody should be aware that it may seem like a dream to pet an adorable lion cub, but in reality it is a nightmare for the animal. Taken away from their mother at a very early age to be raised by ignorant volunteers and to be petted by tourists... To grow up to be an easy target for canned hunting... 


The Orangutan Project


Orangutans are critically endangered in the wild. Mainly due to habitat loss and poaching Sumatran orangutans are likely to extinct in the wild in 10 years and the Borneo orangutans shortly after that. These clever and stunningly beautiful animals should be saved... We have donated a photograph for the anual fundraiser auction of The Orangutan Project Canada.



Interested in using our photos For your foundation?

If you are active in conservation projects, animal welfare programs or other good causes and are interested in using our photographs and/or footage, please contact us. We would gladly provide our photographs for causes we fully support.