What does this website offer?

Reference Photos & More offers high resolution direct downloads of photographs to use as a reference for creating (non-digital) art works...... & More: Stock photos and 4K videos and drone footage.

You can purchase a direct download directly by clicking on the download button or you could add more photos and/or videos to your basket and check out when you are done 'shopping'.

Is every download available for stock use? 

All photos and videos By Mris & Fred can be purchased for single time stock use. If you wish to use it more than once/reproduce any of the images/footages, you can contact us.

Photos By Tazi are currently only available for art reference. Due to the small watermark "By Tazi" in one of the corners, Tazi's direct downloads are not suitable for stock use. If you do wish to use one of Tazi's photos, feel free to send in a request.

What are the prices?

Most photographs are available for € 5,- or € 10,- per photo.

There are some exceptions for our most precious photos. They  are priced between € 15,- and € 25,- per photo. These photos can also be found in our Precious Collection.

How do I save a photo for later?

You can save photos and videos in your basket. So if you prefer to purchase at a later time, simply don't check out yet. 🙂

How do I use the 5=4 discount?

When you purchase 5 photographs, you pay for 4 photos. This translates into a 20% discount on your total purchase when buying 5 or more photos in one order. Do make sure you enter the discount code FIVEISFOUR before check out.

Do I have to create an account?

You can create an account, so your details will be saved, but you can also check out without creating an account. You just need to enter your name and e-mail address.

How do I search for a specific subject?

There are several ways to search for specific subjects. Obviously you can enter your subject in the search field. You can also browse through the categories.

When you are for example looking for a yawning lion or tiger you could also click on the tag "yawn" next to a photo of a yawning animal to see all images with that tag.

Is the usage of the photos royalty free?

For art that is created for personal use or to be offered for sale under € 999,-, the usage of the photograph for art reference in can be considered royalty free.

If you expect the price of your art piece to be over € 1.000,-, a Royalty Free License is required. 

€   25,- for expected asking prices between € 1.000 - € 2.500
€   50,- for expected asking prices between € 2.500 - € 5.000
€   75,- for expected asking prices between € 5.000 - € 10.000
€ 100,- for expected asking prices over € 10.000

To request a Royalty Free License or for more information, contact us via info@referencephotosandmore.com

Where can I find my downloads?

Right after payment you can find download links on the website. You might need to scroll down a bit.

You will also get an e-mail from info@referencephotosandmore.com with the subject "Your download(s)". If it is your first order, it might appear in your spam box. There will be download links in the e-mail.

How many times can I download a purchase?

The maximum number of times you can download an image or video is 3.

Why are some photos more grainy than others?

Without getting too much into photography, photos are grainy when the lighting is poor and we needed to use a high ISO number. Since we mostly photograph outside and depend on natural lighting, we need 'more light' on a cloudy day or when animals hide in the shade.

We choose to share photos that might be a little grainy, but only the ones that still show enough detail.

Can I sell prints/merchandise of an Art Piece I created inspired by a reference photo I purchased on your website?

Yes 🙂

Can I sell prints/merchandise of an original photograph?


Original photographs, videos or drone footage are only to be used by the person who purchased said image(s) or footage for Art Reference.

You may not print, distribute, sell, modify, transmit, revise, reverse engineer, republish, post or create derivative works (where applicable) of said images and footage without our prior written permission. 

Does the watermark show on my download?

Photographs on our website are protected by our watermark "Reference Photos & More". These watermarks will not show on your digital download. Images by Tazi may include a subtle "By Tazi" in one of the bottom corners. Watermark free images are available on request. You can send your request to info@referencephotosandmore.com.

I want to make an exclusive art piece. What can I do?

If you wish to create an exclusive art piece, it is possible to claim 'sole use' for reference on a photograph. If the artist and photographer can agree on the price, the photograph will be removed from our pages for art reference and will no longer be available for other artists. The copyright will remain with the photographer at all times, thus the photographer has the right to publish, print, share and sell the original photograph for anything other than art reference. For more information or to request 'sole use' on your favourite photograph(s), feel free to contact us.

A second option is to browse through our Precious Collection. Due to the fact that these photos are more precious to us, they have a higher price and are therefore a little less popular to purchase and thus more exclusive. 😉